State of the sources?

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Thu Jan 16 19:34:38 PST 2003

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 10:13:28AM -0800, Jon Loeliger wrote:

> Can someone give me a feel for how much difference there is
> between the  2002-10-12 release and the current top-of-CVS-tree?

A lot..

> Are there enough significant changes or bug fixes that I should
> grab from the CVS tree rather than re-stumble across each
> known 2002-10-12 bug/issue?


> How stable is the CVS development tree?  Does it work on a
> daily basis, or is it occasionally broken?

I try to keep it always in working condition, i.e., I do test my changes
before committing; well. However, I'm usually testing only one
configuration (at the moment Linux 2.5.x and hostapd) for CVS commits
and I may miss some changes that break, e.g., Linux 2.4 compilation.
These are normally fixed as soon as someone reports them.

> What is the $CVSROOT I would need to access (grab) the tree?
> (That's a FAQ, somwhere too, right? :-)

Yes, see for alternative methods of accessing
CVS tree.

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