Tx timed out! Resetting card (with OpenAP)

Keith E Smith keith
Sat Jan 11 20:36:46 PST 2003

Well, you are right and wrong :) :) <grin>.  The *original* openap code 
from instant 802 uses pcmcia-cs.  The -ng code must have gone to the 
kernel drivers.  I might mention the -ng code also has some broken 
patches for the MTD stuff.  I tried a straight compile in of the kernel 
PCMCIA drivers to eliminate loading modules for linuxAP.  This actually 
made the compressed kernel around 60K larger so I'm not sure it was 
worth it.  Since I also couldn't then get cardmgr to initialize the 
PCMCIA slot correctly to load the hostap mods, . . .

I cut linuxAP back over to pcmcia-cs.  I'll just pay the 10K or so of 
extra space.  pcmcia-cs compiled in flawlessly, and worked flawlessly 
under soekris.  The new hostap code lets you compile straight out of the 
hostap directory, though the 'install' had a couple of gotcha's.  If 
memory serves I had to make some small adjustments to get it to 
*install* the *additional* modules into my image.  You now have 4 
modules instead of 1.  First go around I ended up with just hostap.o :(!

earl wrote:
> Robert Botha wrote:
>>It seems from the Messages you pasted that you're using the builtin kernel
>>pcmcia, and not the external package.
>>Have you tried using the external package seperately and disabling the
>>kernel drivers?
>>I've had endless hassles with the kernel pcmcia and most of them went away
>>when I switched to the pcmcia-cs package.
> Thanks for the suggestion, i can give that a shot.  It's possible that the
> reason this was never done by the original OpenAP developers, with whose work
> i'm starting, is that the pcmcia driver modules are too large (the boot media
> for this platform is a mere 1MB of flash, and there's not much free space left
> on it) in which case i'd be stuck with the kernel pcmcia.
> What kind of problems did you have with kernel pcmcia and hostap?  Any way to
> get a better idea whether this is a pcmcia issue or a hostap issue?
> thanks
> earl
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