crash with kernel 2.4.17 on ST40 processor

Antonio Vilei antonio.vilei
Wed Jan 8 02:58:24 PST 2003

I've compiled and installed the driver hostap_plx on a system platform based
on an ST40 processor with Linux kernel 2.4.17.
When I do "modprobe hostap_plx", I get the following messages from printk,
then the system crashes:
hostap_plx: (c) Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>
PCI INT -> 0x4
PCI AIR -> 0x3480
PCI CIR -> 0x0

I have an SMC2602W card, that works OK with my PC with kernel 2.4.18.

On my ST40 platform, I load the kernel by means of a loader connected to the
ST40 platform and to a PC. The filesystem for my ST40 platform is exported
via NFS by the same PC.
To compile I use a cross-compiler that runs on the PC and puts the bynaries
for ST40 on the exported filesystem.
I have modified the HostAP Makefile on the PC to include the correct kernel
path, cross-compiler and modules path (within the exported filesystem) for
my target ST40 system.
Before trying "modprobe hostap_plx", I've done "depmod -a" on the ST40.

May the problem be related to genksyms? Indeed I am obliged to use the PC
genksyms and not the genksyms for my ST40 linux distribution (that doesn't
include gcc because it relies on the cross-compiler on the PC).

Any idea or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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