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Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Jan 10 19:52:07 PST 2003

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 07:34:12PM -0800, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> deauthentication frames. I have to research this a bit more, but it may
> well be a firmware issue for which there is no workaround (well, other
> than using old 0.6.2-0.8.0 firmware versions)..

Luckily, I was wrong.. There seems to be a workaround for this. Setting
promiscuous mode on removes unwanted deauthentications on 1.4.9 and
1.5.6. This can be configured with 'iwpriv wlan0 set_rid_word 64645 1'.
This is somewhat odd, since promiscuous mode should not really allow
frames from other BSSIDs, but then again, this station operations in
Host AP mode is certainly undocumented "feature" ;-). If only the
firmware source code would be available so that one would not need to
guess and experiment with multiple firmware versions to figure out what
might happen..

I haven't yet resolved problems with 1.4.9 not passing beacon frames
through. Anyway, these could be skipped by just passing the SSID of the
other AP and starting authentication attempts without waiting for

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