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Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Fri Jan 10 19:34:12 PST 2003

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 11:58:33AM -1000, jbreeden at wrote:

> Tried a few more tings today, first updated my CVS to today and tried
> connecting hostapd -C to a Dlink 900AP with a number of sta versions, this is
> what I got:
> sta 0.7.6 - connected
> sta 1.3.6 - would not connect
> sta 1.4.9 - would not connect
> sta 1.5.6 - connected

That's unfortunate.. I was using version 0.8.0 when experimenting with
the code and did not notice any problems. Indeed, there are multiple
issues with different firmware versions.. 0.8.0 seems to be OK, 1.4.9
does not let beacon frames through so hostapd does not even try to
authenticate (if I force this, 1.4.9 will associate, but it will deauth
on any receiveded frame), 1.5.6 associates and works for TX, but
deauthenticates for every received frame. Btw, it is working for me also
with version 0.7.6..

I added client code handlers for deauth and disassoc frames, so at least
hostapd now re-associates with the same AP after deauth. However, this
does not help much, since all received frames are dropped. Sending
frames works fine, though.

> What I mean by connected is the log message "Associated (as station) with AP
> 00:05:5d:25:d5:db (aid=0)" after hostapd -C <hwdaddr> wlan0 is fired off.
> as soon as the first data pdu (ping) issent, I get a deauthenticate an all
> cases (0.7.6 and 1.5.6).

Sending seems to work, but first received frame causes the firmware to
send deauth frame.

> handle_auth_cb: STA 00:05:5d:25:d5:db not found
> and the other is:
> unknown mgmt cb frame subtype 0

Yes, these are OK. I did not yet implement TX callback handlers for
client operations.

> Both of these messages show up connecting to both the dlink and hostap. Unique
> to the dlink is the following:
> Association (as station) with AP 00:05:5d:25:d5:db failed (status_code=10)
> followed by a successful association.

That's quite odd; 10 = unsupported capabilities and capabilities should
not change between association requests..

> You are right, it's a fireware issue. the first time I set it up it worked. I
> was using cards with verious older sta versions, Some cards worked, others
> didn't. In a flash of brillance I re-flashed them all to 1.4.9. Yep, you're
> right - I don't know what those "older versions" where :-) duh...

At least 0.6.2, 0.7.6, and 0.8.0 seem to work fine; everything else I
tested seems to deauth on received frames. I have to admit that this is
not exactly the most normal operation in Host AP mode, but I would not
have expected the firmware to care about this or at least not to send
deauthentication frames. I have to research this a bit more, but it may
well be a firmware issue for which there is no workaround (well, other
than using old 0.6.2-0.8.0 firmware versions)..

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