OT: Bad Performance with Senao NL-2511CD ? RESOLVED

Martin Polak mpolak
Wed Jan 8 23:09:35 PST 2003

Thanks for all the advice!

It seems to work out fine now, here is what I did:

-I first changed the antenna pin, but it had already been the right one. 
(like some folks suggested on this list)
  changing to the other one, brought txpower to 20 dbm, but made the 
signal worse

-I swapped the two cards I own (again), but this time it worked out,
  so the clue seems to be, that my prior attempt in ram uploading STA 
1.5.6 instead of of using 1.4.9 supplied with the card, somehow messed 
it up. After "hard resetting" it by removing it now works fine


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