Belkin FD5 6001

Craig Foster craig
Fri Feb 28 09:38:40 PST 2003

Version 1 of these cards has a Prism 2.5 chip.  Version 2 contain a different 
brand of chip.  I believe the version 2 cards say that they are version 2 
somewhere on the board.  (My cards are version 1, so I don't know for sure.)

Your insmod problems are probably just the result of your not loading all the 
necessary modules (there are 3).  Try using modprobe instead of insmod (and 
don't forget to 'depmod -a' after installing the modules).  Also you can get 
unresolved symbols for hostap_cs if you don't have PCMCIA support compiled 
in.  Just ignore those, if you get them.

Craig Foster
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Benjamin Smith <bens at> said:

> Hi guys! 
> I recently picked up two Belkin FD56001 PCI (no pcmcia) wireless NICs. 
> How do I determine if they are prism2? I can't look at the chip itself 
> it's in an RF shield that's soldered to the card. 
> I got them thinking they'd work based on this web page: 
> Then, how do I get them to work?!? I keep getting issues with unresolved 
> symbols after compiling, when I try insmod. This on a stock RH 7.2 system 
> with 2.4.9-31 kernel RPM and source RPM installed. 
> When (if?) I get this working, I'll post detailed instructions on what I 
> did...
> -Ben 
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