DWL-520 PCI ethernet wireless

Jacques Caron Jacques.Caron
Thu Feb 27 03:07:22 PST 2003


That card is one of many that keep the same name but change in what they 
have on board. I have a couple of those with PRISM2.5 chipsets, and work 
very well with hostap drivers, but more recent cards apparently have 
different chipsets. It's becoming increasingly hard to find cards that have 
the PRISM chipset for sure these days :-(


At 11:36 27/02/2003, HostAP wrote:
>Some questions:
>Dlink DWL-520:
>- Is card built around prism2 chip ( some experience? )
>- Can i use for Access Point with linux and HostAP ( firmware is ok ? )
>Hal from Hungary
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