DWL-520 PCI ethernet wireless

James Harper james.harper
Thu Feb 27 03:03:02 PST 2003

DWL-520 is prism2.5, works great with hostap unless, like me, you are 
using irq sharing in an smp system :) i get random crashes under high 
load. i believe this is the driver though, not the card.

i had a bit of trouble with the as shipped firmare (1.3.4 i think) but 
since i upgraded to 1.4.9 it's been fine.

btw, this is the 520, not the 520+. the 520+ is a completely different 
beast based on a TI chipset i think. a linux driver has been released 
for the 520+ but the hostap driver just ain't gonna work.


HostAP wrote:

> Hi,
> Some questions:
> Dlink DWL-520:
> - Is card built around prism2 chip ( some experience? )
> - Can i use for Access Point with linux and HostAP ( firmware is ok ? )
> thx
> Hal from Hungary
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