hostapd, 802.1X and RADIUS

Mohit Bajpai mohit
Thu Feb 27 00:25:37 PST 2003

    Has anybody successfully tried 802.1X authentication with freeRADIUS (ver 0.7.1)using hostapd release  2002-10-12? if so then please let me know what all is required to be done on the hostapd side as well as on the freeRADIUS side. and whether any additional software/setting is required?

i am giving following command for 802.1X authentication.
#hostapd -x -o192.168.10.2 -a192.168.10.5 -stest

on the freeradius side i have added following lines in clients.conf

client {
        secret             = test
        shortname       = private-network-2

i have successfully tested the RADIUS server(running on a different machine) from the machine running hostapd using "radtest" utility.

please reply.

Thanks and regards,
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