fine-grain timing benchmark for prism2 chip and firmware

phongsak phongsak
Wed Feb 26 16:38:44 PST 2003

Good day everyone

Sorry if this is out of topic here.

I am experimenting with prism2 Linksys card to figure out how well the
firmware in the card/chip performs in chip instruction set or chip
cycle.  For example, I'd like to know how many "chip cycles" or how fast
is used to transmit or to receive a packet. 

void main() {
	start_ticks = hostap_get_prism2_chip_cycles();
	stop_ticks = hostap_get_prism2_chip_cycles();

I need some kind of counter to measure fine-grain tick in the chip or
firmware.  Is there anyway to query firmware/chipset for this sort of

I can do 'rdtsc' instruction set for Intel x86 chip to get CPU cycle
timestamp counter. Can I use any interface or instruction or iwpriv to
get this from prism2 chip?  Or this is really stupid and impossible.

Thanks for any suggestion/comment in advance.


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