What can be done with this WDS stuff...

Craig Foster craig
Tue Feb 25 09:46:24 PST 2003

Yes (to most of your questions).

WDS is used to connect AP's wirelessly so that wireless clients associated 
with AP-A and connect to wireless clients associated with AP-B without a wire 
connecting AP-A with AP-B.  So it does act as a repeater.  The example in 
Prism2.README should answer your questions about interfaces.  Using WDS 
creates special wlan#wds# interfaces for each WDS link.

(And bridging 2 wired nets together does not need WDS.  Bridging with two Ad-
hoc cards or a Managed and a Master should do the trick.)
Craig Foster
craig at wiw.org

Jerry <mrcool at stupidgamerz.com> said:

> I dont imagine im understanding the WDS correctly... what can you do with 
it besides bridging 2 wired nets together over wireless...??
> Can it be used as a wireless repeater?  example: AP-A broadcasting to 
clients, can AP-B associate (wds?)  with AP-A and repeat the signal that AP-A 
is broadcasting? as a remote repeater? 
> anyone?  if this was the case, then wlan0 would be the only interface 
necessary on AP-B ? correct?  ... or am i dreaming??  
> Jerry

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