What can be done with this WDS stuff...

Jacques Caron Jacques.Caron
Tue Feb 25 09:18:37 PST 2003

That's exactly the goal of WDS. As a reminder, APs in a network are 
connected via a "DS" (for Distribution System), which can be wired 
(Ethernet) or wireless (WDS).

Note however that if you use one single card on the repeating AP, the you 
divide the available bandwidth by 2 (since the same card will receive then 
transmit the same frame, and this is all half-duplex). Depending on your 
needs, you might be better off having two cards on two different 
(non-interfering) channels.

Hope that helps,


At 18:08 25/02/2003, Jerry wrote:
>I dont imagine im understanding the WDS correctly... what can you do with 
>it besides bridging 2 wired nets together over wireless...??
>Can it be used as a wireless repeater?  example: AP-A broadcasting to 
>clients, can AP-B associate (wds?)  with AP-A and repeat the signal that 
>AP-A is broadcasting? as a remote repeater?
>anyone?  if this was the case, then wlan0 would be the only interface 
>necessary on AP-B ? correct?  ... or am i dreaming??

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