Intermittent lockups dwl650 (was Bridging vs. NAT)

Mojo B. Nichols mojo.nichols
Mon Feb 24 06:46:23 PST 2003


Here is what I was able to discover so far. 

I downloaded the latest cvs, and it maybe slightly more reliable, it
seems so. 

Any way I tracked down the error in the driver specifically
in the hostap source directory:


there is the function:

static void prism2_alloc_ev(struct net_device *dev)

it calls the following function in two places:


This function intermittently causes the lockup:-(

One case is merely to report to the cpu that it was unable to find the
allocation... so I think it could be left out entirely therefore
making the driver twice as reliable (my hypothesis anyway).  I'm going
to try that now.

The only other thing I've found thus far is that in 2002-02-13: 

HFA384_INW(a) was defined as:

#define HFA384X_INW(a) (u16)__le16_to_cpu(readw(dev->mem_start + (a)))

Interestingly in the latest off of the cvs it is defined as 

#define HFA384X_INW(a) (u16) readw(dev->mem_start + (a))

and the related....

#define HFA384X_INW_DATA(a) (u16) le16_to_cpu(readw(dev->mem_start + (a)))

I'm cc'ing to hostap list as this may perk the interest of some one far more
knowledgeable them myself, and get us some qualified help:-) That
said, I don't mind the card being flaky, but when it causes the
machine (I work on this machine) to lockup it can be quite annoying.
So if there is some way to prevent the lockup that would be great even
if it meant losing the connection. 



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