RX signal level calculation

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Sat Feb 22 11:43:24 PST 2003

And my approch is statistical analysis of signal strengths so i dont need
inganl to be proprotional to distance, just differant (and fairly
predictable) at each point.  It can cope with the non-linear nature of
802.11 singnal strengths quite well.


11b gives good results and from what i know of 11g and OFDM it will
provide even better results (hopefully ;)  )

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Ricardo Galli wrote:

> On Saturday 22 February 2003 01:40, don shaped the electrons to shout:
> > If you use a laptop with a wireless lan card it gives you no
> > information at all if there is not enough signal to associate.
> Don't be so sure.
> Althhough not perfectly, it _does_ give information. There exists already
> systems that estimates positions with an accuracy on 1.5~2 meters using
> only standard 802.11 cards (see for example the RADAR system at
> research.microsoft.com :-(
> As shown in my own measures http://mnm.uib.es/~gallir/80211tracking/, the
> measured signal strenght is proportional to the distance and obstacles.
> Of course, nothing new, only doing first tests to assure that the info we
> get from Prism2 is at least as reliable as in other systems (it seems it
> is) and that the value is linear to dBm.
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