RX signal level calculation

Ricardo Galli gallir
Sat Feb 22 05:32:34 PST 2003

On Saturday 22 February 2003 01:40, don shaped the electrons to shout:
> If you use a laptop with a wireless lan card it gives you no
> information at all if there is not enough signal to associate.

Don't be so sure.

Althhough not perfectly, it _does_ give information. There exists already 
systems that estimates positions with an accuracy on 1.5~2 meters using 
only standard 802.11 cards (see for example the RADAR system at 
research.microsoft.com :-( 

As shown in my own measures http://mnm.uib.es/~gallir/80211tracking/, the 
measured signal strenght is proportional to the distance and obstacles. 
Of course, nothing new, only doing first tests to assure that the info we 
get from Prism2 is at least as reliable as in other systems (it seems it 
is) and that the value is linear to dBm.

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