Channels 12 and 13

Bjørn Mork bjorn
Wed Feb 19 05:09:05 PST 2003

Dave Edwards <Dave.Edwards at> writes:

> I knew it was about to change, When I first started in this field, the
> ETSI standard was a bit of a joke and most countries had rules
> prohibiting the use of certain channels. (Mainly because they were
> used by Military Comms systems)

I don't think there ever were that many exceptions. Most CEPT
countries accepted the full frequency range in ETS 300 328 while the
standard was still a draft (1994). France and Spain (and possibly
Italy?) had some sharing problems with the military, but I cannot
remember any other. But the approval process was a bit of a joke until
the R&TTE directive sorted that out.

(I used to participate in the ETSI land mobile and short range devices
groups from 1994 to 1999, and I also represented the Norwegian
authorities in the CEPT/ERC short range devices maintenance group)


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