Channels 12 and 13

Brian Capouch brianc
Tue Feb 18 05:41:45 PST 2003

gARetH baBB wrote:>
> Eeek, something without a text/plain part is ... difficult.
> [MIME should be shot, along with text/html ...]

No, MIME is all right, for what it does, which is glue together the 
various parts of the web.

And text/html, as it turns out, is part of MIME. . .

Using fancified email just because the UI will create it is bad, and the 
lists ought to have filters set up to reject it.

One of my customers has an elaborate graphic background, and sets his 
text in 40 different colors and fonts; his emails are a half-megabyte.

We could stop it if the list managers would simply not allow it.


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