linksys wpc11 chip set

Jerritt Collord collord
Fri Feb 14 10:18:40 PST 2003

We have to talk about this with respect to the FCCID of the product, not
the product name or even the published "revision" (though obviously
often they correlate). Most retailers will let you determine the FCCID
of the product before you buy it with a little bit of explanation.

FCCID PKW-WPC11-V29 (approved 11/7/2002) uses ISL3873B or Prism2.5
FCCID PKW-WPC11-V31 (approved 7/23/2002) uses ISL3871xxx  or Prism3
FCCID PKW-WPC11-V3  (approved 2/1/2002) uses "

The PKW-WPC12 uses the TI ACX100 and to my knowledge never saw the light
of day.

The short story is that any WPC card you buy at the store should work
with HostAP.

D-Link is another matter. At last word (cards bought within the last
month or two), the version of the 650 that seems to be shipping is based
on an ADMtek chipset. Yeah there are versions of it based on Atmel (i
think, but unreleased), ACX100 (version "K1"), ADMtek (version "L1") and
of course the classic Prism2.

As for PCI, as was noted earlier in the thread, the Linksys WMP changed
to Broadcom in the summer of 2002. The Prism-based Dlink 520 was sort of
discontinued in the fall but an ADMtek-based version "C1" showed up last

Happy hunting,


> Well I had the same problem figuring out whether the card I was buying
> really had a prism 2 or 2.5 chipset. Best thing would be to give the
> sales people a call. But as far as I know linksys wpc11 v3 is prism 2
> - unless they have changed it now.

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