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Well I had the same problem figuring out whether the card I was buying
really had a prism 2 or 2.5 chipset. Best thing would be to give the sales
people a call. But as far as I know linksys wpc11 v3 is prism 2 - unless
they have changed it now. Did you have a look at the Netgate cards? Their
website tells that they are prism 2.5 chipset and with external antenna
support - although I haven't tried them. The sparklan WL-360F PCI cards are
also prism 2.5 (I have a couple of them). <> 

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Thanks for response,
is it possible to know linksys or D-link has which chip set ??
I been to their website i didn't didn't find any information about chipt set

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I recently bought a linksys wpc11 (version 3) pcmcia card - it has prism 2
chipset and works fine with hostap driver. But maybe they have switched over
to broadcom.
Also note that the D-Link DWL-650+  has broadband chipset.

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Yes the wpc11 gathers a broadcom chip-set. 

 D-Link DWL-650 
 Compaq WL110 
 Bromax Freeport BWE 250I 
 SMC 2632W Ezconnect 
 Zcomax XI-300 

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> Hi, 
> Any one confirm me  that.Linksys WPC11 moved to BroadCom chipset 
> I need to build the hostap ..if possible please send the list 
> of prism 2 chipset cards 
> Thanks 
> Rgds 
> Jai 
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