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Tue Feb 11 16:54:27 PST 2003

Well if your linux box recognizes it as a prism card it is a prism card,
broadcom cards are recognized as BroadcomSemiconductor (or somthing like
that)... sounds fool but its true... LOL  :)

is where i found the 1.4.9 firmware im actually using, it is the latest as
i know, and it just works fine for me. And surely will work fine for you.

He's a list of secondary firmware revisions that are in the wild:

0.7.5 Known to generate INFDROP events under high load
0.8.0 Same as above
0.8.3 Known good
1.3.4 Jouni Malinen writes, "However, one should
      note that PRI 1.0.5 and STA 1.3.4 have some
      PCI bus related bugs that cause packet corruption."
1.3.5 Known good
1.3.6 Known good
1.4.2 Jouni Malinen explains, "The bug in 1.4.2
      causes the card to not reply Probe Request
      frames in Host AP mode.
      However, beacon frames are sent correctly."
1.4.9 Known good
      -- Only version up to this point to
      support firmware based WEP encryption properly

You may want to check Jason's Web Thingy for some
info about firmwares:

and yeah, it is possible to upgrade the firmware directly from your linux
box, but i also read that it could be more dangerous for your card. I dont
remember very well but the winupdate works also for other cards. If you
want to upgrade from linux i heard that you can do it using tftp.

I dont think is a good idea to run winupdate from VMWare or wine
(but i might be wrong), ... well, i wouldnt do that if that
WMP11 was mine. You better find a win-folk an tell him/her to let you
install the card and upgrade it from windoze.

> Thanks for the great answer...
> The wmp11 I have I think is a prism bard (it's hard to tell) but I saw
> somewhere the pre 2.7 cards didn't have the serial number on the outside
> of the box and this was the last one without a serial number at fry's so
> I it should be a prism card the card is also recognized by the Linux
> kernel drivers as a prism card
> What is the latest / Best firmware to upgrade to? Is it 1.4.9? Or is
> there another one I should look at ?
> I also found this link http://www.eng.tau.ac.il/~yash/IEEE802.11/ is
> this what I should use to update my wmp11? Or is there something better?
> Is their a way to update my firmware in Linux (without using a win
> emulator)?
> Thanks again for all of your help
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> Be careful, if your WMP11 is quite new (ver 2.7) it is _not_ a Prism
> card, i had the same problem, i bought a WMP11, but now Linksys is using
> Broadcom chipsets, which are NOT supported right now. I also have a
> PCMCIA WPC11 card it is a prism card, think Linksys is only using
> Broadcom for WMP11's
> Look at Netgate www.netgate.com, they use Prism and they sell complete
> Kits for setting up an AP.
> If your card is a prism card, you should check if you have 1.4.2
> firmware, becase it is broken and does not work in AP mode.
> If you require a firmware update use the links to the dlink/intersil
> flasher (WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe), and the netgate firmware; Dave Wang
> point me to this link:
> http://lists.shmoo.com/pipermail/hostap/2002-October/000024.html
> you can use that tool for checking the firmware your card actually has.
> if it doesnt work, your card is not a prism card.
> You can go ahead and hack your card to verify the Broadcom chip. Check
> the
> pics:
> http://intimate.handhelds.org/jacques/wmp11v2.7/
> I think WMP11 is in fact this card o a variant of this:
> http://www.broadcom.com/products/4301.html
>> Where is a good place to get started in setting up a host ap box I
>> have a linksys wmp11 that is a prism 2.5 card I think (how do I check
>> the firmware # and confirm that it is a Prism 2.5 card?) I am running
>> lunar Linux .... Please help
>> thanks
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