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Ariel Molina Rueda ariel
Tue Feb 11 12:42:32 PST 2003

Be careful, if your WMP11 is quite new (ver 2.7) it is _not_ a Prism card,
i had the same problem, i bought a WMP11, but now Linksys is using
Broadcom chipsets, which are NOT supported right now. I also have a PCMCIA
WPC11 card it is a prism card, think Linksys is only using Broadcom for

Look at Netgate www.netgate.com, they use Prism and they sell complete
Kits for setting up an AP.

If your card is a prism card, you should check if you have 1.4.2 firmware,
becase it is broken and does not work in AP mode.

If you require a firmware update use the links to the dlink/intersil
flasher (WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe), and the netgate firmware; Dave Wang point
me to this link:

you can use that tool for checking the firmware your card actually has. if
it doesnt work, your card is not a prism card.

You can go ahead and hack your card to verify the Broadcom chip. Check the

I think WMP11 is in fact this card o a variant of this:

> Where is a good place to get started in setting up a host ap box
> I have a linksys wmp11 that is a prism 2.5 card I think (how do I check
> the firmware # and confirm that it is a Prism 2.5 card?)
> I am running lunar Linux ....
> Please help
> thanks
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