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Tue Dec 9 08:20:33 PST 2003

    The problem is fixed after steps list below:
1. Get upgrading utility from dlinks website:
(WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe) that is inside >
2. Get firmware HEX file of v1.4.9  from netgate
    unzip and get Sf010409.hex file.
3. boot system to window2000, setup WinUpdate and upgrade station
firmware from 1.4.2 to 1.4.9 with Sf010409.hex file. The upgrade
Thank all who supply those helpful info in past mails. Now, my Instant
WPC11 pcmcia card is working with HostAP.

subject:How to upgrade my pcmcia card's secondary firmware from v1.4.2
My card is ?Instant WPC11 PCMCIA?, but its secondary firmware happens
to be v1.4.2! So? :-(
-- v1.4.2 :  Jouni <>
Malinen explains, "The bug in 1.4.2 causes the card to not reply Probe
Request frames in Host AP mode. However, beacon frames are sent
correctly."  And Jason suggests one last help from, but which said the upgrade
utility can?t be used to upgrade pcmcia card.
So, does anyone know there?re still any chances to upgrade my pcmcia
card?s secondary firmware?  
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