Card stops working (sending/receiving) when downloading a webpage with a lot of content.

Kishore Ramachandran ramack
Wed Dec 10 08:53:04 PST 2003


I have observed that when I am downloading a webpage with a lot of
content on it, the wireless card stops working (not able to send or
receive) until I restart it using /etc/init.d/pcmcia restart. 

I am using a linksys wireless network pc card (ver. 3) and have observed
this repeatedly for both hostapv0.0.4 and hostapv0.1.2. The test website
I used is .

In the driver code, I tried to track why this is happening and the skb
seems to be running out of space and the difference between skb->end -
skb->tail is a very small value. Any ideas?

Thanks and regards,

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