DWL-520 rev. E

Andrew Barr andrewb758
Mon Dec 22 09:02:51 PST 2003

Hello all--

I have a DWL-520 revision E1 wireless card and I have been following the
testing of this card on this list with great interest. I have downloaded the
cutting edge CVS development snapshots and I have been getting the same
errors as everyone else, almost verbatim ("modprobe hostap_pci
no_primary=1"). My question is this: My access to the Internet on the
machine in question is not critical. Should I wait for DWL-520 E1 support to
become available in the hostap driver? Is this something that is hopefully
going to happen within a reasonable amount of time? I am not looking for
dates here, just a general idea. You guys look like you're doing great work
here, thanks in advance.

Andrew Barr

P.S. I am new to this list, and I am having some trouble subscribing. I use
an address at Yahoo! (andrewb758 at yahoo.com) for all mailing list
subscriptions and I haven't been getting a response from your server using
that address. If someone could help I would appreciate it. I know sometimes
"free" e-mail addresses are blocked, and I could get an address with Road
Runner to use instead if that's necessary.

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