DWL-650 Rev P Dlink's latest revision.

mrcool at stupidgamerz.com mrcool
Thu Dec 18 08:40:30 PST 2003

That last empty post was an error.  I apologize. anyway...

I acquired a DWL650 rev P which is a prism3 card it has 1.1.2/1.7.4 firmware
(or at least that is what winupdate reports).  When i plug in the card i get
one low beep from linux.  and dmesg doesnt report anything (as if nothing
happened).  I modified hostap_cs.conf to recognize the card:

 Socket 0:
  product info: "D-Link", "DWL-650 Wireless PC Card RevP", "ISL37101P-10",
  manfid: 0x000b, 0x7110
  function: 6 (network)

commented out anything that i thought might me a reference to the card in
wlan_ng.conf, and pcmcia/config.  I still just get the single low beep, and
dmesg has no information that it even tried.  

I have been googleing and havent found any pertinant information that can
point me in the right direction.  Strangely enough, there doesnt appear to
have been any discussion about these cards in this forum either (unless im
using the wrong search criteria).  

Has anyone had any experience with this card? Perhaps, is it another one of
the cards with the serial eeprom (ie: no firmware on the card, but loads at
driver load time)?  

anyone's wisdom is welcomed, and anything that i can do to help us all out,
let me know...


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