OK, we'll buy Netgear MA311 cards, but...

James B. Hiller jhiller
Mon Dec 15 16:17:11 PST 2003

> Finally we'll buy several NetGear cards but as i read the specs i
> realized that it supports pci 2.2 and pentium III class computer. Is
> this real?, Does this means that it won't work on pentium II or even
> pentium computers?

Don't think it's so bleak.

> In wich computers are you using this netgear card with hostap?

I ran the card just fine on a Tyan S1662D motherboard with dual
PPro 200, which was last produced in 1998 and was only spec'd to
PCI 2.1.  Also, though it's not the same - I presently run DLink DWL-520 on
that same machine with no issue (not sure what the "requirement" for
the 520 is, but would guess it's 2.2), and I run the DWL-520+, which
is newer and surely 2.2, on a Tyan S1590 with AMD K6-2/500 that was last
produced in like early 2000 and is only spec'd to 2.1, and on a Gainward 5VPA
with AMD K6-2/500 from around 1999.  All good.


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