OK, we'll buy Netgear MA311 cards, but...

Harry Moyes harry
Mon Dec 15 14:23:45 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 19:26, Alberto Rodriguez Galdo wrote:
> Finally we'll buy several NetGear cards but as i read the specs i
> realized that it supports pci 2.2 and pentium III class computer. Is
> this real?, Does this means that it won't work on pentium II or even
> pentium computers?

In at least some cases. I have four very nicely refurbished 
IBM Pentium II 200's that despite several months work and liberal
help including from Jouni , have never functioned as AP's because
of issues with the PCI config.

The disks and and radio cards when transferred to HP Pentuum III 266's
worked "out of the box".

So yes at least in some cases that restriction is real.



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