Orinoco cards not 'seeing' hostap

Jerry mrcool
Wed Apr 30 06:45:57 PDT 2003


I have a hostap box (SuSE 8.0, Hostap CVS 4/30/03, WPC11 pccard, kernel pcmcia, RAM Firmware 1.5.6, hostapd).

The problem im seeing is that Orinoco cards wont "see" the AP to associate to it... I have a nokia card that will see it MOST of the time, it seems if i just iwconfig wlan0, wlan0ap, wlan0sta (to see their settings) it will allow the nokia card to see it to assoc.  after it gets associated, it will stay and work fine.  Although the monitor function that allows you to see APs in range wont necessarily show the hostap that it is associatd to!!  others, yes, but not THIS hostap.  I have another hostap running (not hostapd) on a LRP box that works fine using the 4/25/03 CVS, Orinoco cards assoc fine to it.   and this one did to, until i enabled hostapd.   is there an issue with hostapd sending beacons or something?  is there a setting that im neglecting? what info can i supplyyou with to help figure this out.


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