Is it possible to modify management frames of Prism2 cards?

khoh at khoh
Tue Apr 29 21:58:24 PDT 2003

I made a TKIP crypto module for HostAP driver, and succeeded to send and
encrypted data frames.
WPA or RSN of 802.11i also requires to extend some management frames.
Probe-responses, and Association-requests should have the RSN Information
The function 'prism2_send_mgmt' of HostAP can generate management frames,
but I
cannot manage the frames generated by the card without any interaction with
device driver.

Is there any way to modify the management frames generated by the card?
If it is possible, I think, HostAP driver can be extended to support WPA or

TKIP: one of the new encryption algorithms of 802.11i
WPA: Wi-Fi Protected Access
RSN: Robust Security Network

Kyunghee Oh
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