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최영규 ykchoi
Mon Apr 21 01:39:27 PDT 2003

Hi all,
I have some work to use the ap scanned list.
>From the reading the hostap source(the latest version, Apr, 2003), I found the informations are reported in two ways.
In prism2_init_local_data() of the Hostap_hw.c, there are two initialization procedure.
One is initializing the info_tasklet, the other is doing the info_queue by calling the hostap_info_init.
After tracing the call flow,while the former reports to the "/proc/net/wlan0/scan_result"("prism2_info_scanresults",hostap_info.c), 
the last informs user space by IO controlling("handle_info_queue_scanresults", hostap_info.c).

Then, I  have two questions.
1. What is the scanning results based on?  is passive scanning?
2. Can i receive the scan results using the ioctl(SIOCGIWSCAN) like the wireless extension in the user space?

Of course, the above things are reasonable when the PRISM2_NO_STATION_MODES is not defined.

Thanks.(It's the first mail for me to greet the members of this mailing list)

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