Latest CVS and non-volatile download test

Pavel Roskin proski
Sat Apr 19 10:31:10 PDT 2003

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, Sergio M. Ammirata wrote:

> I used the DOS flash utility to check the status of the card and the
> only thing that was messed up was the secondary firmware (it did not
> show one).

Maybe you have old prism2_srec utility somewhere?  Old prism2_srec with
the new driver would do exactly that.

> Regarding the DOS flash utility:
> I have another card that is completely dead: it will not even give me a
> status on the flash utility, it reads the CIS and then it says it has an
> invalid PDA.
> I am trying to get it into genesis mode. It is a zcomax-325H.

This page says it uses Prism2.5:

Intersil says that Prism2.5 uses ISL3873B (for PCMCIA):

The documentation for ISL3873B says that MD[11] has no equivalent in
control registers.  On the other hand, it does mention HCR on the same

Short answer - I don't know, you should try.

> When I issue:
> Flash -5v -off
> If successfully resets the card.
> Then I type:
> Flash -5v -g -i pk010101.hex -3842 1f17 -forcew
> It gives me an error when it tries to verify the first piece written to
> the card.

I don't think you should use "-i" and "-g" on the same command line.  You 
may want to load the initial RAM firmware first.  It may be one of those 
i*.hex file or it may be ak010101.hex.

> Do I have the wrong -3842 value or is this card truly dead?

It may be a wrong value.  If you have the Idle bit, then it's 8 (bit 3)  
for sure, but what the rest should be is a question.  See for description of other HCR bits.

Values I would try:

0f07 (5-wire SRAM)
0e07 (enable off-chip control store in RAM)
0c07 (enable off-chip control store in NVRAM)
1c17 (same with 4-wire SRAM)

After you load the inititial image you should normally program the PDA, 
and then primary.

Pavel Roskin

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