Latest CVS and non-volatile download test

Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata
Sat Apr 19 06:47:56 PDT 2003

You were right. It was not the pda.

I used the DOS flash utility to check the status of the card and the
only thing that was messed up was the secondary firmware (it did not
show one).

I downloaded the secondary firmware and the card was ok again. I did not
need to put it in genesis mode.

Since I am now able to recover cards I went back and tried the
non-volatile flash download from hostap again (this time documenting
every step). However, everything worked perfectly. I flashed it 4 times
with 2 different firmware versions and it worked perfectly each time.


Regarding the DOS flash utility:
I have another card that is completely dead: it will not even give me a
status on the flash utility, it reads the CIS and then it says it has an
invalid PDA.
I am trying to get it into genesis mode. It is a zcomax-325H.

When I issue:
Flash -5v -off
If successfully resets the card.
Then I type:
Flash -5v -g -i pk010101.hex -3842 1f17 -forcew
It gives me an error when it tries to verify the first piece written to
the card.

Do I have the wrong -3842 value or is this card truly dead?

Thanks in advance,


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> On Fri, 18 Apr 2003, Sergio M. Ammirata wrote:
> > The firmware got updated successfully but if overwrote the cards pda
> > with default values from the flash image. During flash it gave some
> > warnings regarding the fact that it could not find the pda and it
> > using the firmware defaults.
> It's really unhelpful that you are sending your interpretation of the
> facts rather than facts (e.g. versions of your software and hardware,
> program output).
> > The pda values on the image where not correct and now the card is no
> > longer recognized by windows or hostap.
> Firmware images normally have reasonable defaults that would at least
> allow minimal functionality to flash firmware again.
> > How can I get the correct pda back on the card? Is my card dead :( ?
> If it's just PDA, then the card should be OK.  Use the DOS flash
utility -
> it allows you to program PDA among other things.  If you have MAC 3842
> better, you should be able to set genesis mode by the "-3842"
> and that can fix any damade to the card.  The utility can be found
> (sorry, it's in Czech, but you can just
> all links).
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> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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