Getting started with HostAP

Dinesh S Shenoy dshenoy
Thu Apr 17 19:03:46 PDT 2003

I am a naive user and need some information regarding setting up hostAP.
Firstly how do i install hostAP, I mean i have downloaded the driver, what
should i do next? i do not understand why we have to biuld a kernel and
install all the wireless extension patches? can some 1 pls xplain?
it would be great if some1 can give me step by step instructions regarding
installation of hostAP.
how can i test whether i have installed hostAP correctly?
how can i see if other laptops are connected to the laptop on which i will 
install hostAP.
i am using a d-link 650 wireless card on a pentium3 running red hat 8.0
thanks a bunch

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