no ping to HostAP

Oliver Baltz HostAP
Wed Apr 16 17:41:50 PDT 2003

Hi folks,

i do use a win xp-client with prism2-wlan-pci-card and a debian-host-ap-machine with prism2-wlan-pci-card.
Everything works. Xp-Client connects to HostAP in Master and Managed mode.

BUT: I am not able tp ping HostAP nor XP-Client.
Both machines do have an eth0-10mBit-LAN-Device inside.

I am able to ping HostAP`s IP through my eth0-device - but not through wlan0-device...

I just want to get a connect between 2 XP-Clients through my HostAP.

1.) What to do?
2.) Do I have to enable bridging with bridge-utils?

Please help.


Oliver Baltz
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