no private ioctls?

Edgars Klepers hostap
Tue Apr 15 20:49:39 PDT 2003

All i did was modprobe hostap_pci,   and set my net script to assign it an
IP address.  netstumbler and windows XP found it without a problem.  set up
dhcpd to assign ip's and it worked like a charm other than than not being
able to set essid's.  Just found out i forgot to include wireless lan
capabilities in the kernel, recompiling as we speak, and i have a feeling
that will solove that problem.


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How do you get this card to work.
I?ve got the same one and i can see my WLAN, but i can?t get it to work
with IP. No pings, now dhcp based ip address ... no way to go.

Thanks for every tip ...


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