hostap first experiences

Michael 'Moose' Dinn dinn
Sun Apr 13 19:55:48 PDT 2003

Some quick notes on my experience getting things working...

1. Went out and bought a Linksys WMP-11 from Future Shop, thinking "it's
probably broadcom based, but I have 30 days to return it..."

Lo and behold, it's a Prism2 card.

2. Installed Slackware 9, Linux-2.4.20, it picked up the card as eth1. Not
what I expected.

3. Downloaded hostap-0.1, compiled/installed, found I had the wrong firmware

4. Linksys lists 1.4.2 as the latest firmware. :(

5. Tried Netgear and Z-something 1.4.9 firmware, but it was only for rev
8008 cards, and mine was rev 8012 or 8013? In any case they didn't work.

6. Flashed the card with 1.3.x and hostap works like a treat.  If anyone
comes up with a Linksys 1.4.9, I'd love to get a copy.

If anyone wants some WMP-11's from Future Shop (Prism2 ones) I can go grab a
bunch and test them. I'll charge $5 CDN to test 'em and make sure they're
prism2 cards - or you can order blind at :-)

They're $129 CDN or about $80 US.

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