[PATCH] Flash download works!!!

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Sun Apr 13 21:34:30 PDT 2003

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 11:04:39PM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> As I already wrote today, it's possible to recover cards using a DOS
> utility described in this message:

> we110.exe can be unpacked by unzip, no wine required.  It worked just fine
> to recover a card damaged by flashing with the original prism2_srec.

I think this is just good luck since prism2_srec was "only" breaking STA
firmware. CIS, PDA, and PRI f/w were probably OK and having PRI started
might have been enough for the flash tool.

> Loading I40003C0.HEX by the same utility should set genesis mode on 
> HFA3841.  In case of HFA3842 and newer chips it should be possible to set 
> genesis mode using the HCR resister (either 0x42 in the address space or 
> CCSR in the PCMCIA attribute space).  Unfortunately, I don't know what 
> exactly should be written to HCR.
> I have a card with CIS erased.  I cannot flash I40003C0.HEX into it.  
> Maybe I should do something with the pin MD11 during reset, but I don't 
> know what and how.  The documentation for HFA3841 is quite unclear about 
> it (or maybe it's because I'm not a hardware engineer).

I don't think you can set genesis mode on HFA3841 without special
hardware (i.e., asserting/deasserting that one pin during reset). I
would assume that flash tool loaded initial firmware to RAM using
working primary firmware..

If the flash does not have valid PRI f/w (or the something else is
corrupted so that PRI does not start properly), trying to load something
without first setting genesis mode is supposed to fail.. In genesis
mode, Prism2 does not load firmware image from flash. It stops after
reset and host system can download initial image to RAM using minimal
set of commands.

I have a modified PC Card slot for this and I can see a clear difference
when enabling genesis mode in HFA3841. However, I haven't yet had enough
time to write software for doing the initial card setup from this mode
(i.e., load initial to RAM, soft reset, load CIS, PDA, PRI, STA to

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