Newbie questions, access problems

Georg Buschbeck georg
Fri Apr 11 07:03:46 PDT 2003

> I can see the WLAN.
> I can access the WLAN.
> But i?ve no chance to get an IP adress from the DHCP Server.
> Also i?ve got no chance to "ping" some machines in my wired network, 
> even when i configure a fixed IP Adress on my wireless client.

this is my problem, too

> My network looks like this:
> IP address eth0
> IP address eth0:0
> IP address eth0:1
> IP address eth1
> IP address wlan0
> Default gateway
> No iptables rulebase.
> The DHCP Server looks on the interface wlan0.
> And here are my questions:
> Do i need another network configuration ?
> Do i need the bridging functionality ?

for this with me the following worked:
when i start dhcp daemon with

dhcpd wlan0

it listsens on wlan0 and gives out adresses,
but pinging don't work ...



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