Newbie questions, access problems

Christian Marx christian_marx
Thu Apr 10 11:58:49 PDT 2003

Jerry wrote:
> if the MA311 is a pcmcia card, and the machine ISNT a laptop, then the
> problem is usually the pcmcia/pci bridge.  (at least that the problems i
> always have are.) more info, please
> Jerry
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>>i?ve got some newbie questions.
>>I try to create an access point on a RedHat Linux 7.3 maschine.
>>These are the specs:
>>AMD K6 II/300
>>NetGear MA311 wireless PCI adapter
>>Intel EthernetPro 100 wired PCI adapter
>>RedHat Linux 7.3
>>Kernel 2.4.18-27.7.x
>>I've no problems to compile and activate the drivers and the daemon.
>>My problems began when i try to access my WLAN.
>>I can see the WLAN.
>>I can access the WLAN.
>>But i?ve no chance to get an IP adress from the DHCP Server.
>>Also i?ve got no chance to "ping" some machines in my wired network,
>>even when i configure a fixed IP Adress on my wireless client.
>>My network looks like this:
>>IP address eth0
>>IP address eth0:0
>>IP address eth0:1
>>IP address eth1
>>IP address wlan0
>>Default gateway
>>No iptables rulebase.
>>The DHCP Server looks on the interface wlan0.
>>And here are my questions:
>>Do i need another network configuration ?
>>Do i need the bridging functionality ?
>>Thank you for every informations !
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Thank you for the response,

here some more infos.
The Netgear MA311 is a normal Wireless PCI network card.

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