Question abou Auth. and deauth.

Slavoj Hruska hostapd
Wed Apr 9 02:26:31 PDT 2003

Hello Manjunathan,

Wednesday, April 09, 2003, 6:51:18 AM, you wrote:

MP> Hi,
MP>   Whats happening is fine!

MP> This behaviour of both AP1 and SA1 is correct!

That's a real situation, that's a common, but is it fine?
Is it logical what when I (hostapd client SA1) change AP to other I
will not say to old AP good bye? That's like with girlfriends. If u
wana change it u need to say first one good bye. Common in real life is
what u change it before u say good bye and after timeout she know what
u leave, but is it correct? I don't known.

MP> The AP1 shall deassoc. SA1 after a timeout period of 300 seconds(check the
MP> source headers file, I am not about exactly value).

MP> Actually to strictly enforce single association, one must use the protocol
MP> called IAPP or IEEE802.11f/D5 draft.
I don't know too much about that standards. I am at first tester, user, and
at last a developper...

MP> In fact the IAPP or basic or simple version of inter access point protocol
MP> is implemented in Hostap.

MP> This protocol indicates to the old ap , that is AP1 on reassociating with
MP> AP2, and then AP1 shall deassoc SA1.
Is a problem to add may be few lines (IMHO: 2 max 3) to send deassoc
req. before change ESSID and try to find a new AP?

MP> U also need other network elements such as Radius server etc.
Radius server for authentification is nice, but that's don't meed our

MP> Cheers,
MP> Manjunathan Padua Y

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