Question abou Auth. and deauth.

Slavoj Hruska hostapd
Wed Apr 9 01:27:23 PDT 2003

Hello folks,


  AP1 - Chan 1  Essid Net1
  AP2 - Chan 10 Essid Net2

  SA1 - Chan 1  Essid Net1

sa1# iwconnfig wlan0 essid Net2

After that SA1 is associated and connected to AP2, but AP1 don't
deassociate SA1. SA1 comunicate with AP2 and not AP1, so why AP1 still
keep record about association of SA1 to itself?

Q: Is the bug at Client side, what client (SA1) don't send deassoc.
req to AP1 before send assoc. req. to AP2? Or is bug at AP side, and
don't correctly deassoc. SA1?

A: ????

Best regards,
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