Problem with encrypt mode: incorrect decryption of WEB.

Aliaga, Alberto Alberto.Aliaga
Tue Apr 8 06:02:58 PDT 2003

Hi list,

	I have succeeded installing HostAP driver for my Conceptronic
PCI-PCMCIA C11iDT Card. But I have got a problem when i try to enable the
encrypt mode. When I configure the card by means of iwconfig and
wireless.opt file and try to restart pcmcia card, the link between my AP and
a laptop goes up without problem but, after a while, the conexion is broken
without any apparent cause. The physical link is up but I have realized that
in the /proc/net/hoastap/wlan0/stat file the discarded-by-bad-encryption
counter is counting up. It seems to be any issue about de/encryption process
because if I restart the pcmcia card and then the link goes up for a while
but It fails again after a few seconds. I have already tried to include
    /usr/bin/prism2_param wlan0 host_decrypt 1
in order to take out de/encryption process from card firmware but It doesn't
please, ?does anyone know what's happenig?
Thank you. 

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