Automatic WDS (bug?)

Mike Saywell ms
Tue Apr 8 03:58:39 PDT 2003


Whilst I've got automatic WDS links working I think there is a slight
bug in the implementation...

The network comprises of 2 machines with a WDS link between them:

host1 ~ ~ ~ ~ WDS ~ ~ ~ ~ host2

When I start the machines initially everything is fine and the link is
created automatically, however if I reboot either machine then it fails
to add the automatic WDS link after the reboot.

I think what's happening is that after I've rebooted e.g. host2, host1
still reveives frames from host2 so keeps the WDS interface active.
I can see in dmesg that host2 receives WDS frames from host1, but this
doesn't create a new WDS interface - is this the correct behaviour? :)

I'm using a pretty recent version of HostAP (from cvs), I couldn't see
any mention of this problem in the changelog since then.


Mike Saywell

Southampton Open Wireless Network

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