Response time

박흥열 imp
Sun Apr 6 19:01:40 PDT 2003

Dear Jouni Malinen

About The response time issue..
Using the test with Net IQ chariot program we can show the graph for throughput and response time..
As you know, the chariot give a lot of script for testing of network performance..

When I use throughput script and one wireless station, one AP, and PC

PC ----- (wire network) ----- AP ------ (wireless network) --- STA.

I want to attach the captured graph but the mailling list does not support the attachment
for any file or graphic ... 

anyway, the throughput graph drop down to 1.0 M almost every 20 ~ 30 secs and the response time graph
rising up at that time... (average throughput is 4.5 Mbps and highest one is 5.5Mbps on ARM 920T process)

Are there any way to make hostap more faster ? 

Thanks for attention..


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