Can I upgrade a DLINK 520 to 1.5.6?

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo
Sat Apr 5 14:25:38 PST 2003

Please help me. I've been trying all day to make a DLink 520 work
as a WDS bridge to a Linksys Access Point.

Card works very well as an AP, ever only having 1.3.4 flashed into it...

I finally got a working prism2_srec and some 1.5.6 driver files and,
even whow prism2_srec says the driver would work, sending it to RAM hangs
the card and give a IOCTL error.

What am I doing wrong? Should I flash it first to 1.4.9 and then
upload 1.5.6 to RAM?


Eduardo Kaftanski
eduardo at
Gerente Ingenieria LinuxCenter S.A.
Canada 239 5to Piso, Providencia, Stgo de Chile. 2745000

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