WEP rekeying with hostap-2002-10-12

Israel Cardenas Romero icardenas
Fri Apr 4 03:44:30 PST 2003


i've tested CVS version of 'hostap' but i didn't get it works fine.

I'm using now last stable version (2002-10-12) with 802.1x authentication and WEP rekeying, and it works fine. It seems to use a rekeying time of 3600 seconds (1 hour)... Can this time be configured?

I actually run this command:

hostapd -x -o192.168.49.222 -a192.168.49.222 -ssecret -SLinuxAP -b5 -i5 -dd wlan0 &

In CVS is possible to configure this time in 'hostapd.conf' file, but... how can I do the same in the stable version?

Israel Cardenas.

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