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Jerry mrcool
Thu Apr 3 14:10:22 PST 2003

Hello... Here is a follow-up and more information concerning my last post about WDS Speeds...  dont know how much of this will be helpful, but here we go.  

My test machines are:   

AP-A  Celeron3 533 with 64Mb.  SuSE 8.0 , 4/2/03 Hostap CVS.  Linksys wpc11 pcmcia card in a pci/pcmcia bridge. i used the minimun install and added just what i needed (pico, wireless tools, etc) to create a hostap box.

AP-B p90 with 64Mb. SuSE 8.0, same software, CVS, etc.  Linksys wpc11 pcmcia card in a Linksys PLX adapter (pci).

I compiled the hostap driver with PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT turned on, and using prism2_srec i install intersil's 1.5.6 FW image to RAM (not flash), thereby endingup with:
NICID:  0x8002 v1.0.0
PRIID:  0x0015 v0.3.0
STAID: 0x001f v1.5.6

I found a FTP server on my local net (10.0...) thereby bypassing any routing, for my testing (Im trying to get an idea of the bandwidth available using WDS).

Command line FTP from AP-A (which has the wired connect to the network), i get 6.3 MEGABYTES/sec download. AP-A is hooked to the same switch as the ftp server.  (for comparison, a machine daisy-chained one more switch out from the ftp server gets 5.9 MEGABYTES/sec download).

Command line FTP from AP-B (which has a WDS link to AP-A ONLY) gets 
90 KILOBYTES/sec downloadspeed !! :(   !!!

A client machine (win98 laptop using ftp program) associated to AP-B gets 
83 KILOBYTES/secdownload speed.  If I walk to where AP-A is, the client computer will then roam to AP-A (like i thought it should).  Without loseing the download that was running!!  :)  The speed then, with the client associated to AP-A is 260 KILOBYTES/sec, although this is slow, its much more acceptable than 90Kb/sec.  

It occured to me, as i was typing this that alot of my problem might be the wireless link between AP-A and AP-B, doin some figuring i discovered that 1Mbit is appx = to 100Kb/sec (hope i figured this correct), anyway with this in mind, 90Kb/sec isnt out of line.  tomorrow i will move AP-B within range so that a maximum connect speed can be established, then see how it runs...

Also, (if anyone besides me is interested) i will reverse the situation and make AP-A become AP-B and viceversa and see how the numbers do...

Do my benchmarks seem consistant? or are they unusual as they seem to me?  

Please everyone, post your comments and thoughts all input is appreciated.
oh.  the question is: what happens to all the bandwidth over a WDS link...?

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