Firmware , and flashing dead cards.

Jose Araujo jlaraujo
Thu Apr 3 07:07:32 PST 2003

Jerry wrote:

> Well, i have compiled my drivers with PRISM2_DOWNLOAD support, and 
> prism2_srec "works" i just have to find a valid >= 1.4.9  firmware 
> image that will work for my card  (Linksys wpc11).  Does anyone have 
> (or know where is) a good (WDS capable) firmware image for the '8002' 
> type card?, also on that flashin bad cards mentioned earlier, what 
> would a fellow search for (keyword) to find that info? 
> Thanks
> Jerryf


The USRobotics 2410 is also a 0x8002, and in their site you should find 
the flash firmware 1.4.9.

The ram firmware could be found (extracted) from the intersil drivers 
2.0.9, but it seems that they were removed from the web site, but they 
are still floating around.

Jose Araujo

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