A question is asked about PEAP in hostap.

ふじ さん fh1202jp
Tue Apr 1 03:55:36 PST 2003

Although I am newcomer, I need your help well.

Although I want to using PEAP, it is not operating well.
Environment is the following.

The RADIUS server is using Win2000 ADVSVR.
(AuthSVR:IAS & AccountingSVR:Domain Controller are
operating with the same PC.)
The Supplicant is using Win2000 Pro+Q313664 patch.
The hostap is the CVS current as of today.

There is a point to ask. 
(1)What should be put into "acct_server_shared_secret" and
"eap_message" of hostapd.conf?

"hello" is put into "eap_message" now.
The same value as "auth_server_shared_secret" is contained
in "acct_server_shared_secret".

#MD5 did not have a problem in this state.

(2)Are some understood, although the following doubtful
LOG(s) will be outputted, if it is going to use PEAP?

A part is shown below.

IEEE 802.1X: Sending canned EAP packet FAILURE to
00:30:5b:00:3f:30 (identifier 0)

IEEE 802.1X: 84 bytes from 00:30:5b:00:3f:30
   IEEE 802.1X: version=1 type=0 length=80
   EAP: code=2 identifier=2 length=80 (response)
   EAP Response-Unknown   <---???

Since a setup of (1) is doubtful, can't PEAP be used?
Is there what should be set up also except a setup by (1)?

If some may be understood, please let me know. Thank you
for your consideration.


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